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Exceptional food & craft coffee in a space that feels like home

Grounded Coffee is more than a café; it’s an integral part of the Hampton Roads community. We offer our curated selection of craft coffees and scrumptious meals in an environment that feels like home. Our endeavor is to support our community, fostering valuable relationships with local producers and suppliers, and providing a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere for everyone from the neighborhood who walks through our doors.

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Our home is your home,  Grounded Coffee is a space to Work, Relax & Connect

Quality Coffee & Food

Unwind with our delightful range of beverages and culinary options at Grounded Coffee. Our menu boasts not only quality coffee, sourced and brewed to perfection but also an exquisite range of foods to accompany your beverage. From heart-warming hot coffees to refreshing cold brews, paired impeccably with a diverse spread of delicious meals and snacks, our offerings are prepared with love, care, and a sharp focus on preserving the authentic flavors that our patrons love.

Inspiring Space to Hang

Grounded Coffee is your oasis away from home, designed for comfort, work, and relaxation. Our spaces are adorned with tasteful decor, modern artistry, and a refreshing, tranquil ambiance. Whether you’re seeking a comfy corner to dive deep into your favorite book, a comfy spot for friendly catch-ups, or an inspiring work environment, Grounded Coffee provides just the right atmosphere for every mood and needs.

Community Focused

At Grounded Coffee, we’re not just serving up delicious food and craft coffee but also fostering a heartfelt connection to our Hampton Roads community. Our dedication to supporting local producers and suppliers is not only reflected in the freshness and quality of our offerings but also in the warm, friendly vibe of our café. By choosing us, you are actively participating in uplifting our local economy and keeping the Hampton Roads community spirit alive.

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